4236-conspiracy theories of 9.11

Let me introduce September 11 attack. September 11 attacks were plotted by Islamic terrorist group, al-Qaida against United States. Four airliners were hijacked by 19 al-Qaida terrorists and were flown into buildings which were World Trade Center, the pentagon, White House or United States Capitol. Conspiracy theories of september 11 attacks attribute the planning and execution of the September attacks against the United States or al-Qaida. There was advance knowledge of the attacks among government officials. Government investigations and independent reviews have found no evidence for such theories. Proponents of these conspiracy theories claim there are inconsistencies in the official conclusions, or evidences which were either ignored or overlooked.

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  1. 24014245 より:

    I think this terrorism was conspirecy too. I am interesed in this terrorism.

  2. 24014240 より:

    Your speech is very good. I read your speech and understood 911.

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    Your speech is very good. A schemer theory is interesting.

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    I think this terrorism is large scale perfect crime.

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    It’s an interesting things. If it is ture, I feel so unhappy.