4237 Al-Qaeda

Al-Qaeda which is the terrorist organization, killed many people in America in 2001. This organization was built by those who fought for Islam in1988. Osama bin Laden is the spiritual leader and he used financial power to make the first system to fight with the US. Ayman Zawahiri is an Islamic theologian, and bears religious theoretical aspects and strategy aspects about terrorism. The battle with the US has increase violently around the 90’s. In the 2000s terrorism was repeated in the Middle East and Europe. The main reason of 9.11 it was the problem in Palestine. The problem is a dispute for lands between Jews and Arabs and difference of religion. The United States intervened in there. Now, Al-Qaeda has rallied the forces by multiplying the Syria civil war.

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  1. 24014236 より:

    your speach was very good. Thanks to your speach, I understand 9.11,and what happened on the day.

  2. 24014241 より:

    I was able to understand about the accident well. I hope any accident like this will not happen.

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    I was surprised to hear that. I think Al-Qaeda is inhumanity.

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    I understanded Al-Qaeda in detail.

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    Your speech is very good. The prpblem in Palestine is very difficult issue.