4245 The Conspiracy Theory of 9.11

On September 11, 2001, hijacked two private aircrafts crashed World Trade Center in New York’s. Four airplanes were hijacked at the same time, and two of them went to the different place: Pentagon. This suicide terrorist attacks caused 3025 deaths. Terrorists which were said to be a total of 19 people. And World Trade Center was collapsed.

But many moot points were left. First, the speed at which buildings collapsed was too fast. It is thought that explosives were used for that explosion. Second, the building owner bought insurance for a large amount. Third, Bin Laden could not consider such a clever strategy.

After that, the USA attacked Afghanistan and killed Bin Laden. But a lot of mysteries are still left in this Terrorism.


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    I was surprised to hear this. I want to know the fact!

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    your speach was very good. Thanks to your speach, I understand 9.11,and what happened on the day.

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    I knew that 911 was terrible terrorism.

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    your speach was interesting. I’m glad to hear this theory.

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    Your speech is very good. I want to know a lot of mysteries about 911.