4205 Secret Number

Terrorism broke out in the United States on September 11. What is the meaning hidden to 11 ? The number eleven has been said negative numbers.

There is a twin tower building where the plane collided.  It looked 11 from a distance. The number of airplane passengers are 92 people. When 9 is added to 2, it’ll be 11.  The second plane was riding 65 people. When 5 is added to 6, it’ll be 11.

Terrorism broke out in the World Tower Center and the Pentagon. Both the number of characters is 11 character. In addition, New York is the 11th independent state. It is a fact that the remaining days of 2001 after September 11 were 111. East Japan earthquake also the 11th of March.

In short, a number of 11 may be a dangerous number in this way. It is up to you whether you believe it.

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  1. 24014233 より:

    Your speech is very good. I am surprised that number 11 is many negative rumors about 911.

  2. 24014203 より:

    I don’t know many dangerous incidents have happened the day of 11. I wish nothing has happened the day of 11 from now on.

  3. 24014228 より:

    Nice speech! I didn’t know that the number 11 have such a meaning. So your speech was interesting.

  4. 24014214 より:

    I had never focus on the numbers. That has secret meanings and it makes me have more interest in 911.

  5. 24014219 より:

    It is surprise at number 11 has many interesting means.

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    your speech is good. I think I was interested in your speech.