4208 The prophecy of 9.11

The Major incident that was engraved in history happened on Tuesday, September 11, 2001. Hijacked two passenger plane plunged into the World Trade Center in New York. The toll from the incident was about 3,000 persons dead and about 6,200 persons injured. The incident was committed by Islamic extremist organization “Al Qaeda”. 14 years have passed since then. However, the incident still has a lot of mysteries.

So let me introduce the prophecy of 9.11. It is not only the prophecy by the individual, but also the prophecy by movies. One of those released in 1985 is “Back to the Future”. It is a famous movie which everyone knows.  The place where Dr. Brown is attacked by terrorists is called “TWIN PINES MALL”.  This name is associated with Twin Towers.  Moreover, the wall clock of it says 1:16 AM.  When you read it upside down, you can find the word “9.11”.  In addition, the watch Dr. Brown wearied says 1:19 PM in one scene.  It also implies “9.11”.  Do you think it believable?

Today, many prophecies about “9.11” are in some movies.  Why don’t you watch a movie while searching prophecies?

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