4198 Was 9.11 Directed?

On September 11, 2001, terrorist attacks broke out in the United States.  Hijacked planes crashed into the buildings that include the World Trade Center.  The government concluded that the criminal was Osama bin Laden; the leader of the terrorist organization “Al Quida”.  However, there is some mystery in this attack.  First, there is a contradiction to the announcement of the administration. According to the report, the building was melted by heat.  However, this buildings passed the heat test.  Second, there is a theory that crashed planes were not hijacked.  Lastly, the owner renewed the insurance for these buildings two weeks ago.  There is such a theory that 9.11 attack was a conspiracy and directed by the government.  Despite the quest of many people, the truth has not come out yet.

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    It a nice speech. I think 9.11 attack was a conspiracy and directed by the government.

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    It is wonderful!It is easy to understand for me about 911 .

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    It is very interesting!!I think I’d like to know more.

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    Your speech is very nice! It is so interesting.

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    Your speech is very nice! The mystery about 9.11 is interesting.

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    You did numbering, so your speech is easy to understand!
    Thank you!

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    your speech made me belive this theory. I want to know the truth.