24014219-Predictions about 911

Predictions about 911


There are many predictions which are related to 911. Especially, the movie BACK TO THE FUTURE  has very interesting hidden messages.

There is one scene where the character Dr. Doc is attacked by terrorists at park.  The park’s name Dr. Doc is attacked is Twin Pines Mall, and a digital clock points at 1:16.  We can tell that Twin Pines Mall means WTC and when 1:16 is reversed, it becomes 9:11.

Nevertheless, it is the same place, after terrorist attacked. The name Twin Pines Mall changes to Lone Pines Mall.  The scene can be said that it is a prediction about 911, because it is like WTC and Ground Zero.

Of course, the movie was made, BACK TO THE FUTURE’s producer must have not known anything about 911. But there are some things like predictions about 911 in the BACK TO THE FUTURE.


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  1. 24014205 より:

    Your speech was good. I thought that I shoud not be raised to terrorism.

  2. 24014214 より:

    i have not known that. Next time i watch movie, i focus on your message. I can watch that movie in different view point/

  3. 24014804 より:

    When I heard what you said, I couldn’t believe my ears. I was shoking that my favorite movie is related to the 9.11.

  4. 24014230 より:

    I was inspired by your speech. I like “BACK TO THE FUTURE” ,too.

  5. 24014216 より:

    Your speech was very good. Length and the speed were most suitable, too, and the pronunciation was good, too.