4214- President Bush and 911

It was generally reported that the 911 was a coordinated attack by Al-Qaida and it was a suicide attack.  But with regard to 911, there are odd relations with the former US president Bush.  Let me introduce some examples.

First, President Bush made Bin Ladin, whom the leader of Al-Qaida, caused the brutal war.   If warfare broke out, a huge military budget would increse.  It makes the US richer and stronger in military power to upgrade its superpower status of the world.  The us president was so patriotic that country’s profit was regarded as the most important thing.

Second, President Bush had known that the incident before the actual terrorism occurred. There are some evidences.  He said that he saw the first hijacked plane on TV before media broadcasted the news.  Nevertheless,  he knew of that, he made not enough provision against attacks and while an event happened, it took too long time for the services to take actions unnaturally.

If these things were true, I couldn’t tell what is justice.  What do you think?

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  1. 24014200 より:

    If your page were true, it is so terrible that I hate him.

  2. 24014205 より:

    It was a great speech. I think that terrorism was predicted, too.

  3. 24014219 より:

    After this sentence I read, I think Bush is not patriotic because he would not stop the terrorism.

  4. 24014203 より:

    Your speech was great. I think Bush predicted and he is terrible person.

  5. 24014213 より:

    Your speech is nice. I think Bush is terrible. I hate Bush.

  6. 24014230 より:

    Your speech was awesome! I think that President Bush’s decision was correct.

  7. 24014225 より:

    Your speech was fluent and very good. I think that President Bush’s decision was terrible.