4216 Mystery of 911

911 changed the world.  But there is also an eye of a question for Al-Qaeda.  It may be something to act by America`s excellent performance.  In other words the American government knew terrorism beforehand and the opinion that a government directed its own making. 

Why did America play terrorism?  For another opinion, it is said that America make an excuse to attack in Iraq.  The thing we know when the aging of confidential documents has expired.     

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  1. 24014804 より:

    If your speech is real, it is really shoking for us.

  2. 24014230 より:

    I was surprised by your speech. I think that terrorism makes people unfortuate.

  3. 24014219 より:

    It is shocking that your opinion is true.

  4. 24014225 より:

    Your speech was good.Ithink that this incident must not forget.

  5. 24014208 より:

    I think that it is very scary.