4727 Worst of terrorism

On September 11 in 2001 the worst indiscriminate terrorism broke out in New York City in America. This was the largest terrorism where the airplanes were used in human history. On that day, the fourth airplanes crashed. 911 is an emergency call in the USA. One of hijacked airplanes crashed on the ground. Other three airplanes crashed American key buildings. These airplanes’crew and passengers all were killed. This killed over 3000 people all in all.

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    This speech’s story is very terrible. But your speech is very good.

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    Your speech is fearful. But I’m very interested.

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    I undersatnd fear of the hijacking by your speech.

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    Your speach is very interesting.And can understnd.

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    The effort corrected many times showed in a speech.

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    I undersood 911 thanks to your speech.