4732-Urban Legend of “911”

“911” refers to the terrorist attacks that occurred in the United States in 2001. About 3,000 people were killed by this case.
Let me introduce you that an urban legend about this case. That is that American 20 dollar bill predicted “911”.
If you fold a 20 dollar bill, burning World Trade Center and Pentagon appear. If you fold this bill in another way, the words of mastermind “OSAMA” would appear.
Furthermore, similar phenomenon are another American paper bill on appears. For example, a 5 dollar bill shows a normal World Trade Center. A 10 dollar bill shows World Trade Center just after “911” attacks.
Urban Legends of “911”are very mysterious.

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    This speech is very mysterious and terrible. Your speech is very nice.

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    I larned urban Legend of 911 in the first time. It is very interesting category.

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    I was surprised because I heard an urban leaend which twenty-dollar note had predicted for the first time.
    I thought peple were able to prevent it.