3462-The Plot Theory behind 911

The Plot Theory behind 911

911 case happened in the United States on September 11, 2001. A hijacked airplanes crushed World Trade Center and Pentagon. It is said that a criminal was 19 Arabs of al Qaeda, but those criminals were not in criminal charges.
There is a plot theory behind 911 case. It says terrorism did not exist, but it is an attempt made up by the United States Government. It is considered to be a question, because high techniques are required to crash a plane into the World Trade Center. In such a way, some public are skeptical about Bush administration to support and the United States attacks in Afghanistan and Iraqi War.

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    I think you examine fully. I am intrested in that one.

  2. 24014732 より:

    This speech is very interested. So I know some more Plot Theory.

  3. 24013359 より:

    I was surprised that hear Pentagon was attacked in 911. I heard it in the first time.

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    I knew 9.11 might be planned by President Bush and if it is true, I think it is scary.

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    I think 9.11 is not excusable. If U.S. government happened it, I can’t believe U.S. goverment.