4786-The Tragedy of 9.11

Let me talk about 9.11. Terrorism happened in the United States on September 11. Then four terrorist attacks broke out the same time. Because an airplane crushed Would Trade Center building, this terrorism became famous. This terrorism gave a big shock to the whole world. As a result the United States justified Iraqi War in Afghanistan as retaliation. In such a way, 911 causes the world led by the US the war against terrorists and Islam.

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  1. 24014827 より:

    I don’t know this terrorism encompassed Iraqi War.

  2. 24014184 より:

    9.11 is very scareful. I wish such accident will not occur.

  3. 24014711 より:

    I recognized fear of 9.11 again.

  4. 24014727 より:

    I can empathy much you speech. I want to listen your speech more.
    very nice job

  5. 24014732 より:

    Your speech is very nice. 911 case is terrible.

  6. 24013462 より:

    I think this terrorism is very scareful. I belive terorrism dose not occur.