4856 Cruel Terrorism

2015 年 11 月 10 日

Now 9.11 is known as the most famous terrorism around the world. This is the tragic incident which took the lives of many people including some Japanese people. What was the purpose or the cause behind the incident of terrorism? The reason is the Palestina problem. Because America participated the war between Jew and Arab, America made Arabs angry. Moreover, why did the planes plunged into the buildings? Suicide missions were based on Islamic Koran. This is like Japanese suicide squad during the WWⅡ war. It was called Kamikaze. This incident of terrorism occurred because of such causes. But nobody still knows the truth.

3359 A Japanese song for 911

2015 年 11 月 10 日

Do you know Japanese song “Hanamizuki” ? It is a song by Hitotoyou. You may feel this song is a love song, but it is a song she made while thinking about 911. 911 is the terrorism that happened in the USA in 2001. “I hope you and your love person will continue to 100 years. It is a lyric. The lyric does not indicate disappointed love. The song indicates people who got separated by the 911.
“I hope you and your lover may live for 100 years” is the most important message. We must have think hatred can be cured by love.

4391-Why did 9.11 happen?

2015 年 11 月 3 日

Let me talk about “Why 9.11 had happened “. 9.11 is a synchronized terrorist attacks which happened in USA. Many people, including many Japanese, got killed by this terror. It was a very sad affair. In the Israel-Palestinan conflict, USA gave an economical assistance to Israel. From Arab countries which are opposed to Israel, USA looked just like a partner of enemy. This made a hostility to USA, and Palestines which are Muslim committed terrorism against USA. This is why 9.11 had happened.

4061 Why 9.11 Terrorism Happened?

2015 年 10 月 27 日

9.11 is the terrorism that happened in America on September 11th, 2001. Four passenger airplanes were hijacked by members of al-Qaida. Two of them passenger airplanes crashed into the World Trade Center Buildings in New York City. One airplane crashed into Pentagon. The other crashed in the ground.  More than two thousand seven hundred people were killed. The site where the World Trade Center used to be is called Ground Zero.

4184 After Effects of 911

2015 年 10 月 27 日

Because 911 has occurred, the world received a big shock. Some worried that World War III began, others forecasted an international criticism would occur in the United States. Some American lamented that terrorists won, and the public was to be hurt badly patriotism. I think if this terrorism did not happened, it would be supposed to wait for different America and now in the United States. 911 was feeling a lot of things to people all over the world.

4009 What is 911?

2015 年 10 月 27 日

Is it a car name?  No. Do you know “Ground-Zero”?

On Sept.11 in 2001 terrorism occurred in NY. Terrorists hijacked airplanes. The planes hit the buildings. As a result, 3,000 people were killed. It’s the most tragic event in the 21st century.

Four attacks occurred at the same time. For example, two large passenger aircrafts hit the World Trade Center. Soon, the both buildings collapsed. The site is called “Ground-Zero”.

We believe that terrorism must not happen in the future. I wish the world peace.


2015 年 6 月 2 日

Braille is the special alphabet system which blind persons use. They read Braille with fingers. We often see the signs in Braille now in town. It is difficult for us to read Braille. A special pin is necessary to print Braille. There are books in Braille, too. There is the Braille tiles, too and Braille’s users read them with a stick. It takes time for us to learn to read Braille. Various people should come to understand Braille.


3460 Wheelchairs for Tennis

2015 年 6 月 2 日

Let me introduce one assistive technology. It is a special wheelchair for tennis. It is different from the normal ones seen in our neighborhoods. It is light and very durable.
Even those who have disability with their legs can play tennis with such a wheelchair for tennis. I think it is wonderful that it became possible that even a person with disabilities can play the same sports.
There is a legend of wheelchairs for tennis in Japan. His name is Shingo Kunieda. He won a world champion thirty-six times. There are many Japanese who got the courage from him. I got the courage from him, too.

3751 Everyone Can Enjoy Playing Video Games

2015 年 5 月 26 日

There is the organization named ”Special Effect” in England, Oxfordshire. Workers purvey the game controllers when workers use mouth, eyes and voices because workers want handicapped people to enjoy playing the video games. Special result was possible by the assistive technology experts in 2007. They make Joysticks to use with chin, the pedal when they use with leg and the gaze control controller and voice control controller for people who can’t use normal controller.

4760-About Braille

2015 年 5 月 26 日

There are many disabled people in the world. For example, blind, deaf and lame people and so on. But there are full of many useful items to support such people, for example, “Braille”. It is a tactile writing system used by the blind and the visually impaired. But some places don’t have these mechanism. I think such technologies will become widespread in the world.