A Merit And A Demerit Of Podcasting

2010 年 5 月 21 日

 I tried it. There were TOEIC, Basic English, and English conversation of lovers when I went podcast from itunes.

 A merit is I can hear anywhere anytime. Furthermore, money is free.

 A demerit is I do not understand well mannered English because I do not have ability which I choose. Furthermore, when I register too much, I must erase delivered things.

 I thought I wanted  ipod touch.

A Person Whom I Respect

2010 年 5 月 12 日

 I write about the person whom I respect.

My Grandfather came to my house the other day.

He said to me “I bought SDcard and USBmemory because it were cheap, and I gave them to you.”I said “ it came out the pochette of a professor.

 When he found my notePC which I packed away in a corrugated box carefully, he said “Vista becomes outdated unless you use it before it’s too late.”

He set a PC with the LAN cable which he brought immediately and taught me how to use SDcard. I said “you are very nice.” He said “I can not follow a new thing because I took a rest for one year.” I said “you did your best enough.”

 When it is 4:00, he goes walking for health every day with listening to the music that he put it in cellular phone from PC. It was old music which I have never listened to.

 He is interested in the navigator of the car of my house resently. He seems to want to change his car which he continued driving for twenty years for a new car with a navigator. He is objected to Grandmother.

 He is seventy eight years old. I am always surprised his wisdom and skills.


Why I have decided to take this class

2010 年 5 月 6 日

  I write the reason why I took this class.For three years,I did in various ways and I had a feeling that English of the teaching profession had first power across the faculty.

And it was the class of Mr.Y  that I had a free by chance.Indeed I knew that it was a class of the big four who heard a rumor,and I took the class of Mr.H,because Y teacher said that I should take his class.

Fortunately,I took the class of two teachers among the big four.

  Actually,I write the impression that I took the class of Mr.Y for three hours.

  I thought that it seemed to be very hard to take this class in senior.

It is troublesome and wants to run away ,because I have no sense of a machine and  I do not understand that the teacher says.

It is very hard to get over the feeling forward again.

  When I think about English class in the future, I think that  PC and English docking are indispensable and I think that it is a terrible chance I can learn such a future class of the type.

  My teacher always carry the pochette of the magic.

iPhone, SDmemorycard,USBmemory  came out of the pochette.

Y teacher took them out and say that I do not understand the meaning.

I return the house and ask Grandfather, and I understand a little.

The pochette of the teacher seems to be totally a pocket of Doraemon.

  I am looking forward to spreading how the world of Y teacher from now on.

I try so hard that I do not escape.



2010 年 4 月 30 日
This is a demo of how to post a thread at this blog.
1) Prefix your four digit IDs with the title.
2) Copy and paste the text from your MS-WORD.
3) Indent your paragraph, and run spell-check if not done yet.
4) Preview and if OK, SAVE, otherwise re-edit.
5) If OK, publicize.
6) Re-edit further, if you like.
I found a cool web site named “Feed2Podcast” which translates RSS feed into Podcast. That means we can make our blog speak by themselves! Unfortunately, this cool web tool only support English, so we, Japanese, cannot enjoy this interesting tool as long as we describe the entry in Japanese. However, I think that we can “hack” this web tool by making English sentences to pronounce Japanese words such as “Full I care cowards to become miss Note”, which sounds like one of the most famous Japanese poem called as “haiku”.

If you need a local text2speech tool on your own PC, try the following search to find a few free software or sites:
  1. My memos:
  2. For your beloved MS-Word!!?


Hello world!

2010 年 4 月 30 日

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