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I found a cool web site named “Feed2Podcast” which translates RSS feed into Podcast. That means we can make our blog speak by themselves! Unfortunately, this cool web tool only support English, so we, Japanese, cannot enjoy this interesting tool as long as we describe the entry in Japanese. However, I think that we can “hack” this web tool by making English sentences to pronounce Japanese words such as “Full I care cowards to become miss Note”, which sounds like one of the most famous Japanese poem called as “haiku.”

If you need a local text2speech tool on your own PC, try the following search to find a few free software or sites:
  1. My memos:
  2. For your beloved MS-Word!!?




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  1. myasudakg より:

    As a blessing in disguise in the midist of mishaps caused by server site changes at the end of March, we have experimented two text to speech plugins at the following site:

    1) Read speaker
    2) Odiogo
    Chao, MY, May 12, 2011