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’twas the night before Christmas, Karaoke

2013 年 12 月 12 日 木曜日

0000-plagiarism-copying web sites is a crime

2013 年 5 月 10 日 金曜日

plagiarism-copying web sites is a crime

Hope you know the consequences of stealing or copying someone’s work, breaching the copyright!


This is most likely copied from the web site?

This practical guide looks at the use of AT/AD to help those with disabilities perform functions that otherwise might be difficult or immpossible.

These include mobility devices such as walkesrs, wheelchairs, and mobile vans; and strobe light alarm system.

Featuring 100 black-and-white photographs, the book includes real-life example of how people with disabilities are successful utilizing At, and it presents strategies for dealing with the emotional issues related to AT/AD.

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2010 年 4 月 22 日 木曜日
This is a demo of how to post a thread at this blog.
1) Prefix your four digit IDs with the title,
2) Copy and paste the text on your MS-WORD,
3) Indent your paragraph, and run spell-check if not done yet.
4) Preview and if OK, SAVE, otherwise re-edit.
5) If OK, publicize.
6) Re-edit further, if you like.
I found a cool web site named “Feed2Podcast” which translates RSS feed into Podcast. That means we can make our blog speak by themselves! Unfortunately, this cool web tool only support English, so we, Japanese, cannot enjoy this interesting tool as long as we describe the entry in Japanese. However, I think that we can “hack” this web tool by making English sentences to pronounce Japanese words such as “Full I care cowards to become miss Note”, which sounds like one of the most famous Japanese poem called as “haiku.”

If you need a local text2speech tool on your own PC, try the following search to find a few free software or sites:
  1. My memos:
  2. For your beloved MS-Word!!?




Mastery of Service

2008 年 10 月 14 日 火曜日

Our College Motto, Mastery for Service*
dr_bates.jpgDr. C.J.L. BATES
(Revised by KGU ESS)

      Human nature has two sides, the one personal and individual, the other public and social. The personal and individual side, each man must live alone, the public and social side, he must share with other man. Then there is an ideal of life corresponding to each side, self-culture and self-sacrifice, respectively. And though they sound mutually exclusive, these ideals are not merely not contradictory, indeed, they are complementary. For neither is complete of itself, nor independent of the other. Self-culture pursued for its own sake is selfishness, and self-sacrifice as the only rule of life is weakness. But self-culture is justified only as its fruit is seen in self-sacrifice, and only on the basis of self-culture can self-sacrifice be truly effective.