The Minutes of the Proceedings 20110510


Agenda: Operating system for the Word Press Server

Date:2011.05.10@meeting room ( 3F Main  building of  School of Law and politics)

Members :Professor Yaxxx,   CHxxx Co. :Mr. Moxxx, Mr.Yaxxxx, Haxxx Co. :Mr.Koxxx,  Nxxx Co. :Hixxxx, Maxxx, and Ixxx


For the sake of   the  stable operation, text to speech  robot will have 2 different programs.  The one is “Odiogo”, and  the second is “Read Speaker”.

For the fail-safe of the text to speech robot operation, Nxxx will make documents that shows how to transform text to speech by using a software named “Speak!”.

The blogs that made by students each semester should be kept safely.Nxxx& Cxxx Co. should prepare the backup system and make an archive which contains the excellent works and it should be shared by internet or other private network.

For preparing the stable operating of the Word Press Server, Nxxx should learn how to run it from Mr.Koxxx.The appointment with Mr. Kxxx and Nxxxx should follow processes below.

1, Masaki(Nxxx) makes a call to Mr. Yaxxxxxx(Cxxxx). (The date should be 1week before the appointment)

2, Mr. Yxxxxx(Cxxxx) makes a call to Mr.Koxxx(Haxxxx).

The following Nxxxx member will be added to the mailing list of Cxxxx.

Nxxx: Hixxxxx, Maxxx, Ixxxx


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    I have chnaged the languag midium to English from Japanese. Due to cookie setting, my initial couple tries to browse this protected thread failed. I have also configured avator sets for comment posters. Chao, MY

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